Adventures in E-Reading: Guest Post from Robert LeHew

by Robert LeHue | Apr-11-2010

Over the next month or so we're going to be offering a new series of guest posts (read the first series,"The Next Decade in Book Culture here). Our question: How are you handling the rise of the e-book? Are you reading on Kindle, the Sony Reader, the Vook, have you reserved an iPad?  Are you buying e-books? Reading e-galleys? And how's it working out for you? Let us know your quibbles, quirks, happy and not so happy adventures in e-reading.
I have been reading e-books on my computer for years. I thoroughly enjoy them and find storage a breeze. I have a few friends who have self published their own titles as e-books, selling them on CD's with photography and links. They all report great success and wouldn't try publishing any other way.
I have been using a Sony Reader Touch for about six months. I love the convenience it brings. Pages turn faster than I ever turned a page by hand. The screen glare that others have reported has not bothered me except once while reading in full sunshine. Then a move to shadier locale fixed that problem. I have transferred books from Sony's Reader Store, Google, and my local library with no trouble what-so-ever. While I will always continue to buy books the e-reader has forever changed the way I read.

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