Among the Voters….

by admin | Nov-28-2007

In addition to the NBCC's member critics, we threw the net out to all of our former finalists and winners to vote in the Best Recommended. Here are the folks who answered the call:

Monica Ali, Julia Alvarez, Debby Applegate, Mary Jo Bang, Allen Barra, Sissela Bok, Kevin Boyle, David Bromwich, John Casey, Ron Charles, Michael Collier, Jim Crace, Frederick Crews, Hal Crowther, Edwidge Danticat, Arthur C. Danto, Pete Dexter, Morris Dickstein, Mark Doty, Gerald Early, Paul Elie, Leslie Epstein, Anne Fadiman, James Fallows, Eric Foner, Carolyn Forche, Elizabeth Frank, Brigitte Frase, Daisy Fried, Mary Gaitskill, Laurie Garrett, Dagoberto Gilb, Jack Gilbert, Michael Gorra, Marilyn Hacker, David Hajdu, Kathryn Harrison, Robert Hass, Jane Hirshfield, Adam Hochschild, John Hollander, Amy Gerstler, Francine Du Plessix Gray, Aleksandar Hemon, Tony Hoagland, Maureen Howard, Walter Isaacson, Gish Jen, Terri Jentz, Charles Johnson, Joyce Johnson, Troy Jollimore, Steven G. Kellman, Ross King, Dorianne Laux, David Leavitt, Adrian Nicole LeBlanc, Jonathan Lethem, David Levering Lewis, William Logan, James Marcus, Wyatt Mason, Maureen McLane, James McPherson, Adrian Nicole LeBlanc, Brad Leithauser, Davis McCombs, Scott McLemee, Sue Miller, Caroline Moorehead, David Nasaw, Lynn Nicholas, David Orr, Cynthia Ozick, Carl Phillips, Jayne Anne Phillips, Steven Pinker, Robert Polito, Katha Pollitt, D.A. Powell, Katherine A. Powers, Lia Purpura, Jonathan Raban, James Richardson, Jason Roberts, Graham Robb, Mark Rudman, Norman Rush, Jonathan Schell, Craig Seligman, Alan Shapiro, Adam Sisman, Ron Slate, Jane Smiley, Charles Solomon, Gerald Stern, Susan Stewart, Anne Tyler, Judith Thurman, John Updike, Ellen Bryant Voigt, Eliot Weinberger, Edmund White, C.K. Williams, Gary Wills, Simon Winchester, Tobias Wolff.

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