Nominations for Sandrof Award for Lifetime Achievement Due December 14

by Admin | Nov-15-2014

The NBCC welcomes nominations from members for the Ivan Sandrof Lifetime Achievement Award. Named after the first president of the NBCC, the award is given annually to a person or institution---a writer, publisher, critic, or editor, among others---who has, over time, made significant contributions to book culture. 

As you can tell from the list of recipients below, the award is truly ecumenical, seeking to recognize outstanding and longstanding work from any sector that affects a book and contributes to American arts and letters.

Please e-mail your nominations to Steven Kellman at You must be a member of the NBCC to submit a name.Nominations should include a brief (approximately five sentences) explanation of why the nominee deserves recognition with the Sandrof Award. The deadline for nominations is December 14.

2013 Sandrof award winner: Rolando Hinojosa-Smith 

2012:Sandra Gilbert and Susan Gubar

2011:Robert B. Silvers

2010:Dalkey Archive Press

2009:Joyce Carol Oates

2008:PEN American Center

2007:Emilie Buchwald

2006:John Leonard

2005:Bill Henderson

2004:Louis Rubin Jr.

2003:Studs Terkel

2002:Richard Howard

2001:Jason Epstein

2000:Barney Rosset

1999:Pauline Kael and Lawrence Ferlinghetti

1997:Leslie Fiedler

1996:Albert Murray

1995:Alfred Kazin and Elizabeth Hardwick

1994:William Maxwell

1992: Gregory Rabassa

1990:Donald Keene

1989:James Laughlin

1987:Robert Giroux

1984:Library of America

1982:Leslie A. Marchand

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