NBCC 35th Anniversary

December, 2009

My Alternate History of the National Book Critics Circle

by Celia McGee | Dec-02-2009

Former NBCC board member Celia McGee wrapped up the NBCC's 35th anniversary celebration on September 12 at WNYC's Jerome L. Greene Performance space with...read »

November, 2009

David L. Ulin: The NBCC at 35

by David L. Ulin | Nov-11-2009

Board member and Los Angeles Times Book Review editor David L. Ulin had this to say at the celebratory 35th NBCC anniversary event in...read »

Guest Post by David Kipen: The NBCC at 35

by David Kipen | Nov-10-2009

Here's former NBCC board member David Kipen, current director of literature for the NEA, at the recent 35th anniversary celebration:   ...read »

Elizabeth Taylor: The NBCC at 35

by Elizabeth Taylor ed | Nov-08-2009

NBCC board member Elizabeth Taylor, book review editor of the Chicago Tribune, reflects on the organization at its 35th anniversary celebration in...read »

Guest video post from John Freeman: The NBCC at 35

by John Freeman | Nov-08-2009

Former NBCC president John Freeman spoke at the ceremony marking the 35th anniversary in September. ...read »

Guest Post by James Marcus: My Three Minutes for the NBCC

by James Marcus | Nov-04-2009

NBCC board member James Marcus, who shepherds the "NBCC Reads" series and created the dance-floor Roth mashup, takes a look backward and forward in his...read »

Guest Post by Kevin Prufer: NBCC at 35

by Kevin Prufer | Nov-03-2009

 NBCC board member Kevin Prufer offers these thoughts on his years on the board. One of the satisfactions of having hung around the NBCC Board for seven...read »
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