September, 2015

Podcast: Lily King, Anthony Marra & Jayne Anne Phillips at AWP

by admin | Sep-03-2015

Three National Book Critics Circle Award honorees—Jayne Anne Phillips, a fiction finalist for her novel Machine Dreams, Lily King, a fiction finalist for...read »

June, 2013

Podcast: What Is Criticism? NBCC Winners and Finalists at AWP

by David Varno | Jun-05-2013

At this year's AWP conference in Boston, NBCC criticism winners and finalists Stephen Burt, Vivian Gornick, James Wood, and Clare Cavanagh, and Balakian...read »

May, 2011

Podcast: NBCC at BEA: Book Reviews Online

by David Varno | May-27-2011

The National Book Critics Circle conversation about "Book Reviews Online" at Book Expo America drew from the expertise of  panelists from the New York Times...read »

Podcast: Celebrating Philip Roth #1: Claudia Pierpont, Nathan Englander and Scott Raab

by David Varno | May-10-2011

The National Book Critics Circle collaborated with the Center for Fiction in a Celebration of Philip Roth this spring (Roth is in the front row in the photo...read »

April, 2011

Podcast: NBCC Celebrates Small Press Month at NYU Bookstore

by David Varno | Apr-05-2011

The National Book Critics Circle commemorated Small Press Month 2011 with a panel discussion moderated by Library Journal's Barbara Hoffert on the...read »

March, 2011

Podcast: On the NBCC’s Conversation with Biography and Autobiography Finalists

by John Madera | Mar-25-2011

NBCC member John Madera reports on March 8 event with NBCC biography and autobiography finalists in conversation with biography committee chair Eric...read »

January, 2011

Podcast: How to Publish Book Reviews and Features

by David Varno | Jan-29-2011

Click below to listen to last night's panel, How to Publish Book Reviews and Features, which took place at the New School in New York, NY, on January 28,...read »
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