What I'm Looking Forward to Reading

August, 2016

What Are You Reading This Summer? [Part III]

by John Freeman | Aug-16-2016

My summer reading has been a mixture of happenstance and preparation. I spent five weeks in Paris teaching at a program for NYU and I used to pass a little...read »

July, 2016

What Are You Reading This Summer? [Part II]

by Carmela Ciuraru | Jul-27-2016

  Summer reading from Peter Mendelsund, What We See When We Read (Vintage): My reading list: Unforbidden Pleasures by Adam Phillips Network Aesthetics by...read »

“What Are You Reading This Summer?” [Part I]

by Carmela Ciuraru | Jul-18-2016

"I make it a summer tradition to re-read some Ashbery, who seems to suit the weather and my attendant mood; this year it's Rivers and Mountains and...read »

August, 2015

What Are You Reading This Summer?

by Carmela Ciuraru | Aug-04-2015

Recently, we asked authors, editors, and booksellers: "What are you reading (or hoping to read) this summer?"  I always keep an eye out for international...read »

July, 2011

What I’m Reading: David Gates

by David Gates | Jul-20-2011

So far I've been reading and re-reading mostly nonfiction this summer, partly with an eye to teaching my first real nonfiction course this fall. I just...read »

What I’m Reading: Helen Vendler

by Helen Vendler | Jul-13-2011

Although we all know the hazards of reading poetry in translation, translations are my only way to gain an acquaintance with poets writing in languages I do...read »

June, 2011

Three Thoughts About Summer Reading: Lia Purpura

by Lia Purpura | Jun-29-2011

1. Oh, the summer reading list! Summer: the battleground, where ought to’s and true loves slug it out. What I should be reading/what I want to fall into....read »
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